Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 28

Snow, snow go away. Don't come again for many days! I think I am finally getting tired of the snow. We had yet another snow storm last night and a little more this afternoon.....I guess that I am thankful that it finally cleared out all of the smog and pollution that was trapped in the valley here. But enough is enough! Arlene's spring fever is catching and I am getting anxious for spring to come....maybe all of us just need to go to someplace warm for a little vacation. Some place where we can wear flip flops and t-shirts without freezing. Usually I am ready for warmer weather well before January comes, but this winter I feel like I have just been in kind of a daze. The days seem to be flying by so fast since Dad passed away. I feel like I am missing so much in my children's lives even though I am here and part of it (that probably doesn't make any sense).....I just want time to stop for a mintue so I can take a deep breath and try to get on with my everyday life.


Colorado_Kid said...

AMEN! (It's already the 100th day of school tomorrow!)

And I love your picture.

Dragon said...

It looks like your swings are waiting patiently for spring to arrive.