Sunday, July 6, 2014

Annual Get Summer Getaway

After telling the kids their options for our summer camping trip, we had them do research on each of the places and then tell us where they wanted to go and why.

They all easily agreed on Glacier National Park.

So after leaving at the crack of dawn, we made it here just before dinner time and found a great camping spot.  Then we spent the rest of the evening setting up camp and exploring around it.  We even had a deer visit us.

 photo 2014_07_06c_zpsxugq149w.jpg 

 photo 2014_07_06b_zpshw4orbjj.jpg

 photo 2014_07_06_zpsb5vxrnsd.jpg
I am grateful for nature.  Is is one of the most relaxing and peaceful places to be.

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Deepti Dogra said...

Spending time in the lap of nature is truly an amazing experience!