Thursday, July 11, 2013

Surgery Day

Oh the anxiety!  

Today is the day that my Baby Root Beer has her eye surgery for the crossing of her eyes......for the 2nd time.  =(

They say that there is a 10-20% chance that it won't hold this time either.
Kinda frustrating.

They won't know until they are working on her eyes if they will have to do both eyes again.

Anyway, they kept delaying her surgery and they just kinda moved us from waiting room to waiting room.  She was starving and it seemed to be taking FOREVER till it was her turn.

She was SO brave and didn't show her fear or worry one bit. (I knew she was scared cause we talked about it a few times)

Then they called her name.  The nurse was so nice and funny which helped with anxiety.

I think one of the worst things is where they tell you can't come any farther with your kid and you are left to stand there and watch them walk down the long hall without you to the surgery room.

 photo 2013_07_11_zpsa8b3cb01.jpg

After a couple of hours I got to go and see her.

I was thrilled to find out that they only had to operate on one eye this time!

 photo 2013_07_11c_zpse6cb86bf.jpg

She was pretty out of it and they had to keep reminding her to take big breaths because one of the meds (I can't remember which one now) made people relax so much that they would sometimes forget to breath.)  =/   So I would kinda start to panic inside when she would not take a breath for a little bit.

But that medicine wore of pretty quick, thank goodness.  And in no time they said that she was able to come home!!

 photo 2013_07_11b_zpsf72c863c.jpg

I am SO grateful for those who took good care of her during this surgery.

I am glad that I didn't pass out when I saw her after surgery (almost did but thank goodness they had a chair for me to sit in)....same thing happened last time too.

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