Monday, May 27, 2013

Look Who's 2!!!

Two years ago, after a pregnancy that was way different from the other 3 and a delivery that threw me for a loop.....a breeched baby, trying an inversion, and then having a c-section, this little red head came into our lives (I thought the doctor was seeing things when he told me she had red hair after taking her out).

She is such a joy to our whole family.....her sisters just seem to eat her up.

So be prepared for a Pipes overload as I share these pic's from her 2nd birthday.

 photo 2013_05_27d_zps968a389b.jpg

 photo 2013_05_27_zps016b7238.jpg

 photo 2013_05_27b_zpsb932d547.jpg

 photo 2013_05_27c_zpsec80a211.jpg

 photo 2013_05_27e_zps63b161e3.jpg

I am grateful for my cheeto dusted mouthed 2 year old.

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