Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shorts weather?

With the show coming up next week the rehearsals are almost everyday now.
Baby RB has been having a hard time going to all these long rehearsals because she isn't in a lot of the scenes and gets tired and bored of just sitting and waiting for her scene to come up.

So today, with the weather being nice, I decided to hang out with her at the park by the community center with her younger sisters.

It was the perfect weather for playing at the park

 photo 2013_03_14_zps4dc68e7c.jpg

I don't know what Baby Ponyo was thinking, but I was about having a heart attack watching her try to go up some of the things on the playground.

 photo 2013_03_14b_zpsb4f2823d.jpg

And Little A realized that maybe I was right when I told her I didn't think her moccasin's were the best foot wear for playing on the playground.....especially since I knew there were wood chips that would keep getting her her shoes.

 photo 2013_03_14c_zpsdc244428.jpg

Since it was warm out Baby Rootbeer decided that she needed to step bare foot in the pile of snow that hadn't melted yet.

She stood in one spot for just a few minutes and managed to get some glass stuck in her food.  =(

We were able to get it out and put some medicine on it and a bandaid before she was needed on stage.

Poor girl.

 photo 2013_03_14d_zps18c99a7c.jpg

But I am grateful that she was happy that we stayed with her for a while before she was needed inside for her scenes.

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Kimberly said...

You're a good momma.

And, poor Baby Rootbeer. I bet that hurt!