Sunday, March 31, 2013

A great way to end the day?

 photo 2013_03_31d_zps5eb97f2f.jpg

My view at the moment. Dropped my niece off at her BYU apartment.....helped her carry luggage and boxes in....chatted for maybe 10 minutes....went back to get in the car was gone. Turns out it was towed in the 15 minutes that we took to drop her off.
Left my mom at my nieces since it was more than a 2 mile walk to get the car back, but took my oldest with me even though she had an injured ankle (she wouldn't let me walk alone in the that girl).

Sucky but I am very grateful that we got the car back and made it home safely.

Happy Easter!


Kimberly said...

So sorry that happened to you guys! :(

Arlene said...

R U D E !