Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An unexpected visit

Yesterday my hubby took the kids to the dentist.

When he came home he told me that Little A had 2 teeth that were going to be pulled today. 

And this is the reason why...

...her 2 adult teeth were already coming up behind the baby teeth.  Her baby teeth were not loose at all.  

Does that make me a bad mom for not noticing those teeth growing in?

And I found out that my older 2 have to have braces.  =/

The fun of teeth.

I am thankful that the tooth fairy didn't forget to stop by our house.


Arlene said...

Oh, the joy!

Carolyn (Dragon) said...

sounds like your older sister who wouldn't let any one pull her loose teeth, and they were only attached by a thread, when the dentist decided they had to come out, the permanent teeth were already in. baby teeth were off to the side, just hanging there dissolving in her mouth.