Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patricks Day

At bed time, last night, Little A realizes that we didn't make a Leprechaun trap. And she was SO worried.

I told her that maybe if we didn't try to catch the Leprechaun he may leave us a treat.  She was happy with that answer.

And as I was tucking her in her covers she says 'Oh my goodness!  It smells like a Leprechaun in my room! He must be hiding in here!'

Sure enough, in the morning the girls found some chocolate gold coins in their rooms.

And only 1 trick from the Leprechaun....
They were happy that he did NOT turn our milk green this year (they always have a really hard time drinking green milk).
But he did turn the toilet water green.

After Baby Root beer went to the bathroom in the morning she ran to her sisters and told them to come look.  Little A runs in the bathroom and exclaims 'Oh my! The Leprechaun turned your PEE green!'

I'm so grateful for my kids.  =)

Hope you all had a fun St. Patricks Day!


Baby RB and me decided to make rainbow cupcakes.
She filled the cups and at the end it looked like one of those Spin Art papers.


And here's the end results.

We put several clumps of different colored frosting in the frosting bag and got rainbow frosting too.  Each cupcake had frosting that was different cause the colors never came out the same.

And for the rainbow....
I didn't use the sour airheads that are already rainbow in color.
My kids won't eat them so I tried to make my own.

I used airheads and cut them into strips and then just kind of squished/pushed the colors together.




Shauna Haymond said...

So pretty!

Kimberly said...

Your cupcakes turned out awesome!