Thursday, March 29, 2012

I wanna go back.

The past few days have been rough, not only on her, but on me too.

Some times the pain is so bad she says through her tears 'I wish I was back in the hospital.'

Every movement is painful to her.  I can relate to her, which is good in a sense....helps her feel a little better knowing that I went through something kinda like this and I healed and I am fine now.

She can hardly walk to the bathroom and doesn't even want to think about trying to go up the stairs to her room, so she has been my roommate since she came home.


I am thankful for all the visitors, cards, and get well gifts that people have given here.  They sure cheers her up.


Kimberly said...

That reminds me of when Cody had his appendix out. Sorry she had to go through all that pain. I know how hard it is for a mom, too, to watch their child suffer like that.

Arlene said...

Poor sweetie. :(