Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pioneer Day

What better way to spend Pioneer Day than with family and water and good food.

I am grateful for the frosting recipe that my aunt shared. yum yum!


LauraBarnett said...

I've followed your blog for sometime. I LOVE your photography! And your girls are precious! I'm interested in what your frosting recipe is? We are having an outdoor party and doing cupcakes and I'm looking for a frosting that withstands high heats (we get up to 95-100 around here in Washington). Wondering if your recipe would...Anyway, if you have time to pass it on...Thanks!

Clammy said...

Thanks Laura! =)
I'm more than happy to share it!

Here is the link to the site with the frosting recipe

I'm not sure how it will do in the heat, but it has a light and fluffy texture and taste.....its really good! If you try it I'd like to know how it did in the heat. Hope you have a fun party! =)

oh and if the link doesn't work ( you need to copy/paste it) let me know and I'll fix it. enjoy!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Awesome pictures! That's really Shauna's frosting! Oh man....I feel the need to make some pink frosting now!!

Merry said...

Cute pictures! Those are some cute kids! I wonder who they belong to? I bet there really we behaved! :)