Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Baby Rootbeer is simply unbelievable when it comes to helping out with Piper.

She has changed stinky diapers. Holds her when she hears her cry. Cleans up the spit up with out being grossed out. And many more things all on her own, without being asked to do any of it.

I think my all time favorite was on the first day I made it upstairs. She took the babe from me and held her and rocked her. And anytime the babe would whimper or cry a little she would say 'hush now. You give mama a break.' It was really cute.

I am grateful for how helpful my oldest is. It is cute to see how much she is a 'little mom'


Kimberly said...

Baby RB is amazing! You have done a great job, mama.

Carolyn (Dragon) said...

She is an excellent helper. I won't worry about you this summer. But after they go back to school you'll have your hands full. You may want to consider putting Acadia in preschool for at least a half day session. She would love it.