Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of the Day

It has only been about 2 days that I have been here in the hospital.

It seems like an eternity to me.

As the sun is setting I keep thinking about how I am going to cope after I get home. I had a relatively easy recovery with each of my other children....but the whole c-section thing has sure thrown me for a loop and at this point I feel as if it is going to take forever to get feeling back to myself.

All the little things seem to take every ounce of effort to do. Everything from shifting my body to get in a more comfortable position in bed to takeing a few steps around the room to using the restroom. All seem to just drain me.

But every time I get out of the bed (ouch) I remind myself that the more I move around the faster I will recover (at least that is what they tell me).

Today I was proud of myself for being able to get my camera, walk to the window, and take a picture of the beautiful view I had out my window. Go me!

But this, I must say, is the best thing that I get to look at in my room....and for that I am grateful. =)



Carolyn (Dragon) said...

I love that she has an orange ribbon in her hair already.

AZ Hey-mon said...

what a sweet girl. I have learned the nurses know what they are talking about.... but I still didn't want to do what they were telling me... it hurt. what a great view from your room btw.