Thursday, December 2, 2010



Part of me can't believe that it is Christmas season again. Does time go by faster the older you get? It sure seems like it.
I am thankful for things that sparkle.


Carolyn (Dragon) said...

just wait, it gets even shorter. When you were little for convenience let's say you are 4 years old so a year from one Christmas to the next is 1/4 of your life so in order for it to feel that way now let's say you were 40 years old now (which we all know that you aren't, yet!) the time from one Christmas to the next would have to be 10 years for it to feel as long it you now as it did when you were 4 yr. old.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

When I was in school, I used to wish time would go fast like the "old" people said. It's crazy how it does fly being an old one now.