Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pain in the head.


My oldest was up almost all night with a migraine. When she woke she still had it so I had her stay home from school. It makes me so sad when, at times like this, everything I try doesn't help. It makes me all the more grateful for the good days when there are no health problems.

And I am grateful that this day (my dad's angel day) wasn't as hard as it has been in the past. It is hard to believe that it has only been 3 years. When you loose someone you love the time without them seems like an eternity. But I am thankful that I was able to keep myself busy today and that I had good, 'happy' thoughts about him. Love you dad.

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Carolyn (Dragon) said...

Does she suffer from migraines very often? The only thing that really helps when I have one is a couple of Tylenol and sleeping it away.