Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Big Day.


I don't feel old.....except when I think about me having an 11 yr old now... it makes me feel a little old. But that's ok. I love watching my Baby Rootbeer getting older.

We celebrated her birthday a day late. She kinda had a busy day yesterday. She left for school at 8:45am and I didn't see her until 9:00pm (a friend had invited her to go boating with them after school). And that was just for a few minutes before she rushed off to a friends house for a late night. But that's ok. She has been going through kind of a hard time with some friends so I thought it made her day to get invited somewhere with a new friend.

So we had cake and ice cream and presents today. She got Sea Monkies and Bubble Gum and everything else she asked for. She was extremely modest and didn't really asking for much and so we were able to get her the few things that she did ask for.

I am grateful for finding new these candle that I had never seen before where the color of the flame matches the color of the candle. She loved those!


Shauna said...

Glad she had a nice birthday. Her cake is cute. Love polka dots.

Carolyn (Dragon) said...

so glad she had a good birthday. Don't think I've ever seen candles with a colored flame?

mjhay said...

Cool Candles! Hope she had a great two days! Cute cake!

Afreaka said...

Happy Birthday, Baby Rootbeer! But, you're not a baby anymore are you?

Wow, I can't believe she is 11. How is that even possible??!!!

Clammy said...

No I am not a baby any more

don`t ask me!

baby Rootbeer