Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just the 3 of us.

So the older 2 got invited to a sleep over at their Nana's house. The little one was feeling a little blue so I told her that we would go get some icecream after we dropped her sisters off. She was more than ready to get them out of the car and into Nana's house so we could get some of that yummy frozen treat.

My hubby surprised us by taking us to a mini golf course. This was a different type of course because each hole was a piece of art and each one was made by a different artist.

Some were pretty cool. One was made all out of yarn/wool. One looked like a pile of garbage (lol!). One looked like it was attack of the koala's. And so on. It was interesting to see the different things that people came up with and a nice twist on your typical mini golf course.


Little A did fairly well not going straight to get icecream. But she made sure to tell us that she wanted some every 10 minutes or so.
It was a typical hot summer evening and so she was thrilled (as we were walking back to our car) when I told her she could put her hands/feet in the water fountain.


And, of course, I am (and so are my taste buds) grateful for the delicious frozen treat that we finally got after our fun mini golf trip.


Carolyn (Dragon) said...

what fun evening for little A. Sounds like a very interesting mini golf course!

Aimee said...

I want to golf there! Where is that?

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

How cool! Looks like the hospital shoe covers on your feet.

Clammy said...

Downtown at the art center.

Clammy said...

And yeah, lol, they are hospital shoe cover help the art work not get too dirty from people walking/stepping on them.

Afreaka said...

Cool golf course. And I didn't even notice your feet!

I love that fountain, too.