Tuesday, April 27, 2010

That's gotta hurt.

I went to school to pick her up and take her to just a regular annual check-up and this is what she left with.


It turns out that about 20 minutes before I picked her up she was out at reeces and they were playing 'hands-up, stands-up.' She fell over and before she could get up the boy next to her fell on her arm. So, since it was still hurting her when we got to the dr's I had him take a look at it....and sure enough it was broken. Just one bone. The one on the side that her pinkie is on.

She kept saying that she didn't want a broken bone and after the dr took the xray and came back in to tell her it was broken, she just broke down in tears. But after the initial shock of it she was so brave and was acting like it was no big deal.

I am grateful that she doesn't have to wear a cast...just a big splint. She gets to take it off each day and it is ok if it gets wet. But let me tell you that when she does take it off it makes my anxiety sky rockets.....I have a fear that it will get hurt worse. That one of her sisters will break it more. Just thinking about it makes me sick. (And lets just say that I almost passsed out at the dr's while he was just talking about broken bones) Next time I have to take her in for her arm I think I will have Weston go.


Carolyn (Dragon) said...

No cast. Sorry. Because if you had a cast you could bean the that btoke it with it. :oP We need to find you some type of jewelry to decorate your splint wrapping and make it fun to wear. like studding it with jewsels or hanging charms on it, etc.

Carolyn (Dragon) said...

Sorry, you have a broken arm, know that the boy who fell on it must fell bad about it, at least I hope he does.

Wade said...

Send her to Uncle Wade. Kids and broken bones are my specialty. I would put her in a water proof cast with sparkles on it so she could get it wet and you wouldn't have to worry about it.

Is it a hand bone or wrist bone?

Shauna said...

Bummer. I hope she heals quickly.

The Mrs. said...

I Found you randomly!!! I sympathize with her not wanting a broken bone. On Valentines day 2006 I was carrying my daughters and fell out the front door, I snapped my foot in half. At the emergency room, I found out I was in need of surgery. I started to bawl! I didn't want to have surgery!!!

Colorado Kid (Arlene) said...

:( Poor honey! I hope it's going well. I used to want a cast SO bad when I was her age (and I broke my friends arm in 5 places). That boy will probably feel bad forever. I still do whenever my brothers remind me!