Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How did you talk him into that?


Well, as it turns out, it was his idea to paint all of their nails green the day before St. Patricks day.

I am grateful for the time and memories that were created with the simple act of him painting his daughters nails.....believed me, they all thought that it was the best thing.


Afreaka said...

What a great daddy! He looks like he is really concentrating.

Alter Ego said...

Aww.. I wish I could make my father do that.. for now.. he seems like.. umm.. he doesnt care so much at all!

Dragon said...

I painted mine green before Christmas and they still have some green on them since I can't find my my polish remover and forget to it when I'm at the store.

Colorado Kid said...

Who is Alter Ego? haha

Wes is the bes!