Thursday, February 4, 2010

A few tears added to all the fun

On the first day of her little dance class there was a lot of tears because of the whole 'don't leave me mommy' thing she's going through right now. In fact I had to be sitting right next to her the whole time.

This picture is from her 4th or so class and I am thankful that she is getting comfortable enough to venture away from me. I still can't leave the room without her breaking down in tears, but hopefully that will come soon.



Chickadee said...

So cute!

Dragon said...

What were they doing? Love her outfit. I'm surprised that she doesn't just love her dance class enough to go with out mom with her, knowing how much she loves to dance.

Clammy said...

The were playing a game where they had to balance on different things.

She is getting better at going and is starting to love it. Last week she asked me almost everyday if it was time for 'dading cwass' (dancing class)

mjhay said...

My two little ones are all of the sudden very clingy lately. It's driving me crazy. Church is insane!