Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dealing with bad lighting

oh goodness. I am flattered and all that, but I am very nervous.

My father-in-laws cousin remembered that I was into photography from the one time that I met her this summer and she called me and asked me to take a family photo with all her kids and their kids. I said sure. I couldn't pass up this chance to get some more experience (no matter how nervous I am at messing everything up). It was a group of 21 people. And it would only be the second time that I have taken a large group photo. And the room that she wanted it done in had THE worst lighting. I told her that I was worried about the lighting and that I didn't have any of the fancy lighting or reflectors and such, but I do have a nice hot shoe flash. So she still said that she wanted me to do it. So here it is the day before and I am going into all the rooms with awful lighting for pictures and seeing what works best. Here's one....of ma and Acadia. She always knew where to find the stash of nuts. Photobucket

I am thankful for the chance to gain more experience....even if I am intimidated by it.

Just wish I had more confidence in myself.


Afreaka said...

Oh, I bet you did awesome!

Chickadee said...

I get so nervous when people ask me to do pictures. I went to one house that was soo dark. I ended up turning on some shop lights they had and using a car windshield shade for a reflector!

Colorado Kid said...

How was it? The only people that ask me are people that belong, I mean, want to go to the State Mental hospital! hehehehe

Dragon said...

Was she please with her pictures?