Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's like going on a treasure hunt.

I noticed at the beginning of summer that we had some stray carrots growing in odd spots around the yard, so today Acadia and I went on a treasure hunt to find them and dig them up before the ground froze. None of them were ready, but we dug them up anyway. I think this one was the biggest of them all.


The best part of it all was how excited Acadia was when she saw what was on the end of the stem. She tried eating them before we got inside to wash them. And then once they were washed and the stems cut off I gave her one to eat. And she seemed to love it so much that she couldn't hardly wait for the next one. So while I was peeling the next one she grabbed the stems and started to nibble any little piece of carrot she could find still attached to it. Funny girl!

I am grateful that all my kids love carrots.


Dragon said...

I remember doing that as a kid. I think the cold weather makes them sweeter than usual.

Afreaka said...

Fun! Maybe I will try to grow carrots next year.