Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ella came home from school today as Francis. That is the pilgrim name she recieved for her class party today. They had a grand feast and reinacted the events (Ella told me that her friend was one of the unfortunate ones that had the part of someone who died on the ship....then she went on to tell me how she consoled her friend and to let her know that she would still be able to eat the feast with the rest of the class).

I thought it was funny how much she loved the name. She said that she was going to name her kid that. And she wore the name tag that she got all day. She even insisted on wearing on her pj's at bed time.


I am grateful for teachers.


Chickadee said...

Love it.

Dragon said...

beautiful picture. she almost looks like a nun instead of a pilgrim.

Colorado Kid said...

She does look beautiful. I bet she remembers that for a long long time.