Monday, October 12, 2009

Hey there Sis!

Well here is a glimpse of my weekend. We were going to see Shauna on Sat, but Ashlyn was at the end of being sick and I didn't want to take a chance and spread it around. Sunday Ashlyn felt good and so we went and visited family in Springville. And I got another chance to see my Grandpa....he was still lookin' good and was joking around. On Monday took Ashlyn to the Dr. because her coughing was keeping her up everynight. He said that more than likely she had the H1N1 flu....that is pretty much what all the flu that he has seen has been. He said that when her fever was gone that she is no longer contagious (whew! That means we didn't infect eveyone we visited). After that we went to Springville to get Shauna and see Grandpa again. Then we headed to my place. Scott and Merry's family came to visit and I couldn't pass up the chance to sing Happy Birthday to Shauna. Hey how often do I get to see either of my sisters anywhere near their birthdays!


Oh, one thing that really made me laugh was how every few minutes Acadia would point at Shauna and say 'What's her name?' She just couldn't remember it! And then today when she saw this picture she got all excited and pointed to the picture and asked the same question.....'what's her name?' ha ha!

I am thankful for big sisters


Dragon said...

Not fair, I want to be included!

Dragon said...

I think that's why you started called her Na-na when you were little.

Chickadee said...

It was great to have a little party with everyone. *sigh* I need to move closer to family.

Dragon said...

me, too!

Colorado Kid said...

I love how Acadia is watching Shauna. Shauna ate well here! haha