Saturday, October 31, 2009

3 days of costume wearing is wearing me out.

I don't know what it has been about this year's Halloween. I felt so on top of things at the beginning of the month. Then, as the month some how just flew by in the blink of an eye, I realized that it was the 31st and we still hadn't carved the pumpkins or made the halloween cookies or played our spooky games. So, luckily, we had already got some pumkins and I set out to help the kids carve them by myself.

And, of course, it turns out that it is one of those days where I wake up with a splitting headache and my neck is killing me too. 3 pain killers don't even touch the stinkin headache....and I find myself thinking 'Is this what a hangover feels like?' There weren't any alcholholic beverages, but I was up pretty late at that party being crazy (not unless Dee or Gail spiked the apple cider ;) )

Anyway, sorry I am rambling on. So on to the pumpkin carving. So there I was. Just me and my 3. They were all looking at me expectantly for an exciting day of carving pumpkins and such. (Ashlyn even told one of her friends that she couldn't play because it was family time day.) So I set them on to the task of designing their pumpkin faces. I thought that I could relax for a few minutes while they contimplated the perfect face for their pumpkin. I thought that they would try a few different eyes or noses and mouths, but nope. A minute, maybe 2, later they had all finished and were ready to carve. I started with Ashlyn's and lets just say it made me never want to carve another pumpkin. It was SO SO SO thick! And once I got the knife in I could hardly get it back out. And on top of it, every time I tried shoving that knife in and then yanking it back out was like someone was standing over me with a sledge hammer hitting my head in perfect sync to every knife jab. I am just grateful that the other 2 pumpkins were a breeze compared to that one. Oh and after I had just about finished with all of them I put some icee-hot on my neck and the pain just like vanished after a few minutes. That stuff is a miracle drug! Just wish I had thought to put it on sooner.

After the few hours that it took to painstakingly carve the pumpkins, we ran some errands and then made some spooky cookies. I was too lazy to make the dough from scratch so we opted to pick up some of the premade-not as yummy-stuff. And then we had fun shaping and baking and decorating and, of course, eating them.

By the time we were done with all that it was just about time to hit the town and take everyones candy. I don't know where the idea of going house to house asking for free candy came from....anyone know? I think it is kind of bizzar. I mean I absolutely LOVE halloween (it's one of my favorite holidays), but the whole candy thing? Where did that come from?

anyway...sorry more rambling. So the kids got dressed, I shot a few pic's while the sun was still out and then they hit our street before dinner. And I was surprise at how long it took them to do our one street. I think it took close to one hour!!! And then they got to help pass out candy while they ate (they love to pass out candy to other kids) and then they set off again when they had filled their bellies. Acadia started screaming bloody murder at one point after dinner because she thought that her sisters had taken off without her.... talk about a candyholic.

So. here are the girls in their costumes. You are probably tired of seeing these costumes. I know that I am starting to tire of them....I love them, but this is the 3rd day in a row where they have had to get into them.

Here is Ashlyn. She opted to be something that really surprised me. Usually she loves to be something scary or spooky so she can scare others, but this year she chose to be the Fairy Queen. When she told me what colors she wanted it to be I thought 'there's my Ashlyn.' She loves darker colors.


And Ella's costume was no surprise. It screamed ELLA. Ella the Fairy Princess (Ashlyn wouldn't let her say she was a fairy queen like herself)


And little Acadia, who I didn't give a choice to. I told her she was going to be a witch and it took her a little while to warm up to the idea. Especially when all the witches in all the movies we have are the bad guys. I think she wanted to be tinker bell because she tried to claim the fabric for my costume as her own. But hers turned out cuter then I was expecting....and she ended up loving being a witch.....especially with all the attention people gave her.


Hope everyone had a fun and safe halloween!



Chickadee said...

They all turned out great.

Afreaka said...

Your costumes are amazing. Did you design them yourself? I am absolutely in love with Ashlyn's costume. Will you make me one?

Colorado Kid said...

Geez....if you & your sisters were all in the same place and had a shop, you'd be millionaires with all your talent. This was really fun to read! :) I love your voice coming out in it. (That's my teacher brain writing.)

mjhay said...

Holy Cow! Those are beautiful costumes!!!