Thursday, September 3, 2009

Green and Good for Garden

Spent a lot of the morning doing yard work with Weston when I spied this little guy....well actually he was rather big for a praying mantis.


I am grateful that he was on a perennial so he didn't end up in the garbage with the weeds.


Chickadee said...

Super cool. It looks like an alien.

Dragon said...

They are a strange looking insect.

Dragon said...

I like the view of his face you captured. Did you use a regular lens or did you use your macro filter.

Afreaka said...

I love those guys!

Clammy said...

Macro filter.

I could have probably used my regular lens, but I would have had to crop it to get him to fill the photo like this.....and I wouldn't have gotten the background to be as out of focus as it is here.

Colorado Kid said...


(reminds me of saving one in a skirt during bus duty...)