Friday, June 5, 2009

Not again!

Do you remember this post from last year? Well she seems to have done it again. =/

So I was sitting outside on the hill in our backyard talking to my mom on the phone and Acadia was up there playing in the sand box. The next thing I know...when I look over I see Acadia sitting on one of those little ride-on cars and she is starting to go down the hill. First off, there is a rule in our house that the car has to stay down on the flat part of our yard.... for obvious reasons. So I am holding the phone and I yell 'No Cadi!' and then I start running after her yelling 'Cadi!' Now I don't know what good it was doing yelling her name, but at that time it seemed like a good thing to do. And then Acadia decided to start screaming and crying for help. Well, she gains speend pretty fast and there is no way I can catch up to her. (This is one of those times that I wish I had superman powers and I could run super fast.) I don't know how many of you have seen our yard, but there are some rocks, BIG rocks near the bottom of the hill. And to make matters worse there is about a 1 1/2 foot drop off where the hill meets the cement patio. (It is a little retaining wall) What I witness is Acadia hitting a rock while on that little piece of pink plastic with wheels. And she goes flying off the car and over the edge of the retaining wall and lands face first with the ground.......

I rush to her aid and pick her up.

And all this time I still have to phone up to my ear and my mom could hear everything. I quickly say I will call her back and hang up....boy I bet my mama was worried.

When I picked her up I notice four things almost all at once. First there is blood coming out of her mouth. Her mouth seemed to be also be stuffed full of dirt. That there is also blood coming out of her nose. And the HUGE goose egg on her forehead!


My poor Acadia! I could never find where the blood from her mouth was coming from. At first I thought that she had knocked out some of those cute teeth.....maybe she just bit her tounge a little bit.

When the girls get home from their last day of school Ella dissapears with Acaida. I find them and Acadia has a huge bandaid on her head! It was so cute!


I am grateful that it wasn't worse.


Chickadee said...

Oh, no! I hope she's alright. That must have HURT!

Afreaka said...

How scary -- for both of you! Just look at that poor little sad face.

Dragon said...

Make sure you keep an eye on her for signs of a seizure and sever bumps to the head and cause them. I have a friend who's son fell off the roof and later, he started having seizures. Don't know how much later it was though.

AZ Hey-mon said...

Poor lil girl. I hope there are no scars from it all. for both of you.

Wade said...

That is a horrible feeling when you can't do anything. I have wished for super powers before. But that is a very cute sad face.