Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I think I can I think I can

A couple of days ago I realized that Ella's birthday was just right around the corner! I know, I know...not the best mothering to forget about your kids birthday.....especially when it is a year that she will have a birthday party. So, from the day I remembered it gave me 5 days to get the invitations out and everything planned and ready for it. (We are having the party a few days before her birthday so Weston can be there for it). And now there is only 2 more days until the party.

I am hoping the weather will cooperate....it has been raining like crazy the past few weeks. And I wanted to have some sort of decorations hanging from the branches of the trees out back...just can't see me having a bunch of kids who are full of sugary cake running around INside of my house. =/

So this is what I came up with. I copied the idea from some Martha Stewart kit that the craft store was selling for $20. They are like these big giant pom pom balls made out of tissue paper. Hope they look the way I am hoping they will!


And while we were cleaning up the backyard I came across this really wicked looking bug. I think I remember Ella's teacher talking about these when I was helping out with her class one time. Some kind of invasive bug that lays eggs in the trunk of the tree and then it kills the tree.....maybe that is what has happened to one of my pines that has been slowly dieing over the past couple of years.


I am grateful for craft stores.


Chickadee said...

That is one ugly bug.

I love the pom poms.

Colorado Kid said...

Ditto what she said. Like Beauty (pom poms) and the Beast (bug).

Afreaka said...

That bug is vicious looking!

I bet the pom poms look fab hanging from your trees.

Dragon said...

hope the rains hold off for the party.

That's one wicked looking bug.

mjhay said...

The Pom poms looked great in the tree! I hope you will show me how you made them.