Tuesday, April 28, 2009



This is for sure one crazy girl.

She seems to be obbessed with Curious George.

When she gets hurt she says 'George hurt!' Poor George is being blamed for hurting her!

And the other day she was busted coloring a screen to a window in Ashlyn's room with some of Ashlyn's play make-up. When we scolded her and told her no she started crying and saying 'George do! George do!'

Oh dear. Now poor George is taking the blame for her misbehavior too!

I am grateful for each unique personality of my children.


Afreaka said...

I really shouldn't laugh, but that really is funny!

Chickadee said...

That is sooo funny. What a little monkey.

Dragon said...

Too funny. I know what you mean. You know you shouldn't laugh, but it's just too funny not, too. But poor George, getting blamed for everything by his best friend.

AZ Hey-mon said...

hahahaha, Elise always blames my sis in law Lisa for anything she does that is trouble.

Colorado Kid said...

So cute. I thought she was calling me George last night. I must be naughty!