Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bock bock!


It is hard to believe that these little guys are only 2 weeks old and they are already looking more and more like grown chickens.


It seems like the only place that is still really covered in the soft downy stuff is on the head and belly. I am starting to get excited for those eggs!

I am grateful that we can start taking them outside on warm days now.


Dragon said...

They are growing fast. Old will have to be when they start laying.

Chickadee said...

They're so pretty.

Afreaka said...

That first picture is so soft and fluffy looking!

mjhay said...

Their so cute!

Colorado Kid said...

You sure make them look cute! What does your rooster look like?

Clammy said...

We don't have a rooster.

And we probably won't get any eggs until July/August.