Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We done yet?

Mom has got me doing a project for her....but it is my kind of project. She wants a butterfly garden. So we went to a few different nursery's to find the perfect plants.


And then we went to Home Depot to get some soil and some more plants and an edging to keep the grass out of it.

I was so tired physically after going to all those places! But I wasn't tired of looking at the plants and thinking of how the flower bed would look. I love projects like this.

Mom also wanted to buy some bricks to fill in that flower bed by the front door, but I was too tired to put them on the cart.....and it turns out there wouldn't have been room in the trunk for them!

I am grateful that I can help my mom.


Colorado Kid said...

great project! i'm jealous!

Afreaka said...

I'm glad you found a passion flower for her. I've never seen red ones!

Chickadee said...

Awesome. She's been talking about having you do that for a while.

Dragon said...

sorry for the duplication of pictures.

Clammy said...

I don't mind. =) They were from your day too!