Monday, March 23, 2009

George! George!


This afternoon Acadia I were supposed to have lunch with a good friend of mine, Stephanie. I made it, but Acadia had zonked out right before it was time to go so I left her in the care of my mom. It was a fun lunch and good to hang out with my friend again. She was so sweet and had brought me a birthday gift. She had also brought a little gift for Acadia....a pink monkey. (right now Acadia is obsessed with monkey's and calls them all George)

I am thankful for thoughtful friends.


Colorado Kid said...

Love this picture!

Dragon said...

That's Acadia's new Georgia webkin. Monkey Mama. She also has a baby George Ty monkey.

Dragon said...

Stephanie is such a sweet person and intelligent person. I wish people could see past that wheel chair she's in and see the person she really is.