Friday, March 6, 2009

Could you repeat that please?

I was slightly surprised by Ashlyn yesterday....'slightly' might be putting it a little mildly. What happened made me think a lot about my actions. What I do and say, what I watch and listen to. Am I setting a good example? Well anyway the thing that led to these thoughts was on a ride in the car.
We were passing the refinery (which really smells) on our way to let Rose out. And I hear something that sounded like 'Man! That refinery really stinks!' except that it sounded a little off. So I asked her to repeat it and this time it was much clearer.... '_am that refinery stinks!' (I will let you fill in your own blank). I asked her where she heard that word and she said that she didn't know. It later dawns on me that this morning we were listening to the Phantom of the Opera and there is one song in there where the phantom says that word, maybe I should say he shouts that word, 4 or so times. Now some may think that is a mild swear word, but I am someone who doesn't even like my kids to say 'stupid' or 'hate' and such.

So that is what lead me to those thoughts. I guess I need to be a tad bit more careful on what I let into my house. I am grateful for this learning experience.


Colorado Kid said...

I'm glad nobody can see me laughing. Sorry. I have never noticed that word in Phantom! You are so good at being a mom. (You should hear some of the things I hear from students and where they learned them!)

Chickadee said...

I know it's nothing to kid around about, but I thought it was going to be something much more serious after reading the first paragraph.

Don't worry. You're doing a great job.

Chickadee said...

I like the photo, btw. Those shoes are awesome, especially with the stockings.

Dragon said...

I love the tights.

Afreaka said...

I never noticed that word before in Phantom, either. I am going to have to listen better next time.

M:A:R:A said...

Do you know what???? I recently come into the same sort of position. We were listening to the Radio and this song From the All American Rejects came on and the chorus says "gonna give you hell".

Ryker loves singing and he picks songs up really fast.

I was talking to tyler (while in the car and the song is playing) when I hear this little voice singing -gonna give you hell gonna give you hell!

I was so shocked!!! and immediately turned the radio off!!!!

mjhay said...

I remember that word in Phantom. Every time I listen to it I quickly turn the volume down or skip over that part of the song. I don't like my kids talking nasty ether. I called Garrett a nerd the other day. He told me not to call him names. So I guess we're all keeping each other in line.