Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am thankful that I have been able to see Kimberly and her family. It has been fun! I got to sword fight one of my nephews... ok I guess they were light saber's not swords. And we hung out and just laughed and talked. We went on a picnic for lunch. And then we went to the Butterfly garden.
I think that this was the first time that I have been in a butterfly garden that actually had more than a couple of butterflies in it. It was pretty neat. They were everywhere!

Acadia thought that it was pretty cool, too. Especially since she has been obsessed with 'bubs' (bugs) since her Uncle Wade started teasing her with his laser light pen. She really wanted one to land on her arm like one did on Kimberly.

The garden area was beautiful with waterfalls and bridges and little birds running around.
There were quite a few people there. But it still was nice. We even got to see them release some butterflies into the garden. And it was just fun watching everyone enjoy the butterflies too.
When we were done taking a kazillion pictures of the 'bubs' we went through the rest of the museum. They had some neat exhibits to look at and go through. Afterwards we went out to eat and then headed back to Kimberly's exhausted. But we still managed to stay up late playing games and being silly.

Oh, I had the pleasure of dealing with a 2 year old who was having nightmares of 'bubs' tonight! It was pretty funny! The ceiling fan was on and it was reflecting a little bit of light and Acadia started crying and pointing at it shouting 'bub! bub!' And then after I turned off the fan and got her calmed down, my mom, who was sleeping on the couch next to us started snoring a little bit and it totally freaked Acadia out!! She started wailing and grabbing on to me!!! It was so funny! We all had a good laugh about it in the morning! oh, good times, good times.


Afreaka said...

UGH!!! You definitely need to cut me out of that picture with the butterfly!

mjhay said...

Fun times! That's sad Acadia was so freaked out. Poor thing!

AZ Hey-mon said...

Are you sure it wasn't beaker and not the fan or bubs?

AZ Hey-mon said...

Cuz Craig had the same responses when he freaked out over Beaker when we were there.