Saturday, February 21, 2009

Party? What party?

After school one day this week I get a knock on my door and go to answer it. It was one of Ella's friends who was saying that she was here for the party. I thought 'party? what party?' It turns out that Ella had been telling kids in her class that there was a party at her house after school today. Luckily it was just the one little girl who showed up for this so called party. I told Ella that if she wants a party then she needs to talk to me and we will plan a day. So I told her she could invite 2 friends to a party...really just a little playdate. She was so excited she could hardle control herself!! She wanted to make invitations and have food and put up decorations. I said no to the decorations.


It turned out to be fun. They ran around playing dress up and dancing and playing house and just having fun. Then we had a little 'tea party' for lunch. I am thankful that I had 3 princess cups for these 3 cute princesses.



Chickadee said...

That is so funny.

Afreaka said...

How fun. You're a good mom.

Colorado Kid said...

I love that girl! haha What a fun mom you are! You & your sisters are always making me wish I could be a mom with you and steal all your ideas.