Tuesday, January 20, 2009



What a stressful day.

I got a phone call today saying that my mom had a stroke. A stroke!?!?! I couldn't believe it! It is like a nightmare. I thought not my mom, please no.....just give her a break! I have felt frantic all day and helpless from being so far away. I kept thinking she is all alone, I need to get there so she won't be alone! Then I saw that Shauna was getting a flight down and Kimberly was heading down as soon as she could.....that helped relieve some worry, but I still wished I could be there. They say that it is a small stroke, which is good, but we don't really know anything. I wish I was there so I could find out what is going on.

I told Ashlyn what was going on. And this is what I found on the fridge right before I went to bed. And right now I just can't think what I am grateful for......I guess that my children love their grandma.


Colorado Kid said...

That is the sweetest picture ever.

mjhay said...

I feel very helpless too. Ashlyn is so sweet.

Dahle Family said...

Our prayers are with you and your family, please keep us posted

Afreaka said...

That made me get teary-eyed.