Monday, January 12, 2009

Puppy Love


Acadia was having a rough night last night and didn't want to go to sleep and she cried and cried. I tried different things and nothing worked. Ella was in bed and said to me 'Mom, I think she needs my Cindy Lou Hoo' and hands me her little puppy that she got for Christmas. Acadia went to sleep shortly after I gave her the puppy to hold. Maybe I should take the advice of my 5 yr old more often.

I am thankful for caring big sisters.


Colorado Kid said...

Awww...that made me glisten. Ella has such a sweet heart.

Dahle Family said...

What a sweetheart. THere is no wonder where she gets that tender heart

Colorado Kid said...

I forgot to say - when I saw the title while the picture loaded, I thought you got a puppy!

Afreaka said...

I like the lighting in this picture.