Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 309

Well, I could just hardly believe it when I realized that today was Acadia's birthday. She can't be 2 already!!!!

Weston wanted to take her somewhere for her birthday. I suggested Carl's Jr. and he decided that we should take her to Chuck E Cheese. She just LOVED it! Well, she loved everything except for the fact that there was a ginormous mouse walking around the room. She was terrified of him and would start shaking and screaming when she caught sight of him.....even if he wasn't near her. It was kind of funny to see. And then she loved the fact that she could spend all of her tickets to get like 55 mini tootsie pops.....that is all she wanted, but being the mean mom that I am, I would only let her get 3 and a bracelet.

Later that day, after dinner, we had Weston's parents over for cake and icecream.

Acadia was such a nut! She started digging in before I could get her a fork!
I am grateful for cute little 2 year olds.


Afreaka said...

How fun! I love that last picture.

Dragon said...

Who needs a fork for chocolate cake!? Yum, yum.

Colorado Kid said...

Love your pictures. That Chuck E scares a lot of kids!

futuregirl said...

I wish I got to face-plant in a piece of cake on my birthday! :)

(p.s. Thanks for making me your craft site of the month! xo.)