Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 304

Well, I finally got my new power cord to my computer (it was SO expensive!), so now I need to play catch-up with all the days that got missed. We went to the airforce museum today with the Lunds. All the kids had a lot of fun in the activity part of it. They got to do a flight simulator type of thing and a lot of other hands-on activities. Outside we got to see a ton of different types of aircrafts and one of them had this little teenie resuce door......well it's not really a rescue door, but at first glance it looks like that is the door you are supposed to go through to rescue the person inside. he he.
And then, since the weater was still unusually warm, we headed over to a park to let the kids (big and little) play.

A am grateful for good friends.


Colorado Kid said...

GO AIR FORCE! That sounds like a cool place. At first, I thought you picked up your cord right from the airplane.

Dragon said...

Glad to got to spend some time with the Lunds.