Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 284

I got a text this morning from Craig saying that there was snow on the ground. I looked out the window (I was just down the road from him) and I didn't see anything. We went to the house they were staying at and there was a few very very small clumps (I think clump is too big of a word for the size of them) of snow on the ground. It was fun to see how excited the kids (and Craig) from AZ were to see that little teeny tiny bit of snow. They managed to make a couple of snowballs from what they could manage to scrape off the ground and such. It was funny to see.
But, after spending a fun couple of days hanging out with these nuts, it was time for us to say goodbye and head back home. They are such a fun family and the kids got along really good for the most part.

We went home to find that we got a bit more snow than there was an hour south of our house. It was strange! It is really early in the year for snow. Most of the trees are still green and I still have flowers blooming in my yard. The girls made the most of the situation and spent a good part of the afternoon making snowmen. The snow was perfect for making snowmen. But it was a little heavy, so Ashlyn pulled out the shovel to try and help them roll their snowballs around to make them bigger. I am grateful for kids that play well together.


Colorado Kid said...

Fun pictures. Kinda wish we had that much snow. I'd be done canning! :/

Afreaka said...

SNOW?!! I can hardly believe it! I still have my air conditioner on!

mjhay said...

Wow! Snow already! It has been cold enough here that we turned on the heater.

Anonymous said...

I warned ya!!! I know you thought I was pulling your leg. I'm just glad it stayed until you got home!!! We also let the kids play around. the made a snowman and a fort. Too it has now melted.