Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 264

We woke up to another rain shower today. The moisture seems to make spider webs more visible... and so I had fun taking tons of spider web pictures. I am grateful for tiny creatures.

Well. today turned out to be a bit stressful. When I took Ella to school everyone was acting strange. The principle and another lady were monitoring who went in the school. I left with a strange feeling. When I got to my house my neighbors were out looking up at the helicopter that had been circle all morning. But none of them knew why. So I went in too see if anything was on the news because things just didn't feel right. And sure enough there was something going on. About 2 to 3 blocks from my house a man had barricaded himself in his truck and had a couple of guns. The police, swat, snipers, etc where there. I read that there was no threat to the schools, but they may start calling parents to come pick up the kids if things don't get resolved soon. WHAT!!!???!! I should of just gone over and got them because I was on edge all day. Well, right before I go to leave to meet them, I hear 2 loud bangs. I looked at the news again and they said that they had just launch a couple of flash granades at the guy AND the school was now in perimeter lockdown. "What in the world does that mean!" I thought. So I left to get the kids and I didn't see any kids at all walking home, so I went back and got in my car and drove down there. When I got there the news people and reporters were outside of the school and when I went to go in the door were locked. I had to pound on the doors for a while before someone came to open them. Well, to make a long story short the standoff went on for 12 hrs. The guy snuck out of his car at night and they launched 10-15 more flash grenades(and we could hear it all) so they could find him and disorient him and then when they saw him they started shooting pepper bullets at him and the guy ended up taking his own life.....and this was all because of a fight that he had with his wife that morning. I was so so sad that it ended that way. I didn't know the guy, but with it being in my city and just a few blocks from my house, it has sure impacted us. So this is the scary wackadoo that CK mentioned on an earlier post.


Afreaka said...

I LOVE that photograph. It looks like a perfect Halloween picture!

The story about the guy shooting himself is definitely scary! I read a news article about it (thanks, CK), and it really is sad. I think he has a son that isn't very old, too.

Dragon said...

That's a scary thing to happen so close to your home and the girls' school.

Colorado Kid said...

I saw it on your twitter that there was a "wackadoo" right as I heard it on the news. I didn't hear the whole story until this morning. :( Hope your girls are ok. I'm glad we practice lockdowns so they don't get scared, but Ella probably didn't get to practice yet.

Cool spiderweb. Sad that I can take those pictures INside my house. :/

mjhay said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry. How horrible to have to go through that! I am glad your all ok.