Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 261


Well it kind of made me sad when Ella came home with this packet. I know that the speech problem can be fixed, but it was just harsh to see all the terms in the packet and on the paper to sign that talked about disabilities. The teacher warned me about the terms in it ahead of time, but it was still a shocker and I know that the paper made it seem so much worse than it really is. I am very grateful that she will be getting the help that she needs.


Anonymous said...

We take the words disablitiy the wrong way. It is not a negitive thing. at least not for me. I am one of those who has a learning disablity. A.D.D.
I find that now my disablity makes me better. Yes Things are hard for me and yes I do things different than most, but I have an avantage that others without learning disablity don't have. Some times I wish I realized the blessings earlier in my life. My learning disablity makes me brillant!
Just thought I'd share.

Colorado Kid said...

That was well put, Hollz. :)

I just saw on the news about the wackadoo by the school. Is that where Ashlyn and Ella go? Scary! I hope they went into lockdown!

Afreaka said...

Cody was in Speech. It helped him a lot and, most importantly, improved his self-esteem. Don't worry about the terms in those papers you had to sign. I know it is disheartening, but what you are doing is not a negative thing.

CK, what scary thing are you talking about?!

Oh, and I like your favicon, Clammy!

mjhay said...

I remember when I was faced with diagnosing Garrett's A.D.D and holding him back in first grade. It made me so sad to feel like I was labeling him. Everyone learns differently. I just needed to find the key to unlock the way he learns. Now that Garrett got the help he needed he is starting to fly ahead of the others in his class. I am so proud of him. I do hate how harsh the paper work is! It makes things sound and feel so much worse then they really are!

Dragon said...

One of the bad things about the forms is that they have to be able to cover ALL kinds of 'disabilities' on one form, from mild to very severe.