Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 250

Our elementary school has a competition each year to see who can collect the most box tops. The top 3 kids who collect the most get to throw a pie in the priciples face and the class that gets the most has a pizza party. I know that we have probably never come close to winning, but each year Ashlyn's class has won. This year I don't know what will happen because I had to split the box tops between 2 classes. But it was great to see how thrilled the girls were to take their share of them in to help out their school. I am grateful for ways to help raise money for our school without having to send the kids door to door selling stuff.


Afreaka said...

I agree. I hate those fundraisers where the kids have to sell stuff. We do Box Tops here, too. Just wait until you have to split them up between ALL of your kids!

Cool picture, btw.

Dragon said...

Do I ever remember trimming, counting these and bundling them to be turned in! What a chore! But the extra money for school equipment, etc was nice.