Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 247

I have been willing to try almost anything to get Ella to go to school without the tears. I have bribed her with going out to eat at 'Star Face' (Carl's Jr.), talked to her about how Big kids go to school, given her kisses in each of her hands to hold, and today I had her go out and pick some flowers to give to her teacher. She was really excited about this idea. We went a little early to give them to her teacher and when I left there were NO TEARS!!! She was a little hesitant for me to leave, but she went and I am proud of her! I also kept telling her that I would be volunteering in her class later in the day. She was really excited about that and when I came she kept telling everyone 'Hey, look! That's my mom!' I am grateful for how proud she seemed to be to have me for her gave me the happies. =)


Colorado Kid said...

I'm having happy tears! What a great mom you are and I'm so proud of her and you! :))))

AZ Hey-mon said...

Cute picture of her looking down at the flowers. What a great way to have her cool wit school.

mjhay said...

Yeah! Great idea. I hope it won't take too long to get use to going to school. I love to be in there class room!