Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day 242

I looked at Ella today and noticed that one of her front teeth seemed to be crooked. So I went in for a closer look and discovered that it was quite loose. She didn't even know that it was loose. But after wiggling it throughout the day, she was pretty much begging for us to pull it out because it was bugging her. So after one try it was out! She didn't cry until, after it was out, she noticed that it was bleeding a little bit...funny girl! It is crazy to think that she is old enough to loose teeth! Make them stop growing for just a little while! *sigh*
I am grateful that Weston pulled it just grosses me out a bit to do that.


Anonymous said...

I can't stop giggling! I can't believe she is that old too!!! Thanks for baring with us having no power. We found our flashlights after everone left!!!

Colorado Kid said...

I was sure that was Ashlyn at first glance. You know what they say about losing teeth and reading! Whoohooo!

Dahle Family said...

stop growing kids. It goes way to fast

mjhay said...

Wow! Zachary is older then her and hasn't lost any yet. I guess it wont be long. (I hate anything to do with teeth! It is hard for me to be excited and act like it is cool when my kids loose a tooth. Ugh!!!)