Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 238

I am grateful for icecream.....I just wish that it wasn't such a big weakness of mine!!!! At least I can now buy icecream that has no added sugar, makes me feel not quite as guilty for eating it!


Colorado Kid said...

You're funny. You should probably be eating way more ice cream!!!

kiki boobie said...

My weekness is Ben and Jerry's
Strawberry Cheese cake icecream.
One morning I went to the store and they were on sale and I put 3-4 of them in my cart and hid them in various places in the freezer.
After I realized that I was pathetic for hiding icecream from tyler... I realized I had an Ice cream problem on my hands

mjhay said...

Yeah for Ice Cream! Fun picture!

Dragon said...

Ice cream. Hooray! Cones. Boo! I do not like cones soggy from ice cream! Yuck!