Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 216

It is a love-hate relationship with her and the ocean. Last time we went to the beach she loved it. This time she seemed to hate it and be scared of it.... she didn't seem to like being in the water. It was still a nice and enjoyable time there. Yes, we have a lot to get done before we go camping, but it was pretty much the only day that we could take Weston while he is here. He took Ashlyn out snorkling for her first time and I just loved to see how excited she was about all of the wonders that she beheld under the water. All I have to say is that I just love the beach and everything about it....even the sticky sand and I am thankful for the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. The sound is so relaxing.


Charlene said...

Will you be in church this Sunday? I'm sorry I missed you...I was in Utah. Nancy said she saw you.

Dahle Family said...

Looks like you accomplished your goal of relaxing at the beach. hope you are relaxing more than just at the beach. Miss you tons Peanuts!!!!Or was it Raisins!?!?!?