Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 210

Oh my goodness. I thought that this day would never end! The kids were grumpy and fighting even before we got on the airplane today! aaaarrggg. The first half of the flight was not fun. Everyone was antsy and Acadia cried a lot and wouldn't got to sleep. I was so glad to find that the airport at Chicago was a little more child oriented. We came across a huge dinosaur skeleton, and some funky lighting on the ceiling, and the best part is the kids play area. But the 2nd half of the flight was much better. Acadia slept most of the way and the other 2 were happy watching a movie, so we made it to my mom's in one piece. Another thing that I am grateful for (besides the play areas) is how helpful Ashlyn was, most of the time. =)


Afreaka said...

Traveling by yourself with kids is NOT easy. I'm glad you survived!

Colorado Kid said...

Glad you made it. I really love their expressions with the headphones.

mjhay said...

I'm glad you made it there alright. I wish we could be there too.