Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 199

Isn't this picture so sad! But at the same time I was laughing when I took it! I am so mean! =) We went swimming today and when Weston gets mixed with water he turns into a big kid. Ella ended up getting put in the pool against her wishes. And after I got her to calm down and gave her a towel, it turns out that, apparently, it was my turn to go in against my wishes! When Weston picked me up to put me in the water Acadia and Ella started freaking out and they were screaming and yelling. It is so funny, but sweet at the same time, how protective children can be of their parents and I am grateful that they love me enough to want to protect me from the big silly daddy.


kiki boobie said...

Ha ha ha, that feels like how we are when we go swimming!(which we did almost every day this week lol) You take such great pictures

Chickadee said...

That is so mean. Tormenting your kids. It's funny you got thrown in, too.

Colorado Kid said...

I'm thankful there's no way Carl can pick me up. ;)

Poor girls. I can just see those two being so upset for you. :)

Dragon said...

I remember getting thrown into the water once. I was SO angry that no one who was there ever attempted to throw me in again and Roger never would let anyone else even try it because I was also mad at him for letting them do it.

Guess I'm a poor sport. But I don't think that kind of thing is the least bit funny and it could be extremely dangerous.