Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 195

Weston actually had today off.....it's a mirable! So we wanted to spoil the girls and took them to see a movie. Kung Fu Panda. It was a fun show. I seemed to have spent a lot of the time chasing Acadia around. She came home with a bloody knee....from one of her many falls while we were there. I can still say that I am glad that we went and I am thankful for the days that Weston does get off.


Dragon said...

I take it that Acadia didn't really get 'into' the movie. It's hard to take little ones to a movie with their short attention spans. Sorry she got hurt, glad that the others liked the movie.

kiki boobie said...

You are very daring taking your kids to a movie... I can't last 10 min!!! even if its free ha ha ha. I'm excited to see that movie BTW.

mjhay said...

Going to movies with a toddler makes it hard to actually watch the movie. We have done that a few times with our boys too. Alex always gets his head and feet stuck in the seats.