Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 192

Today was the big day for the girls! They have both been really excited about performing their dance that they have been practicing for months. They get to be in the city parade and perform today. As soon as we show up to get them on the float, Ella got worried. And, as you can see from the top right picture, she started crying as soon as we started taking pictures. But she managed to make it through the parade and looked like she was having so much fun when the float passed us. They both had so much to tell about riding in the parade! And I think Acadia's favorite part was the marching bands.

But, the drama doesn't end there. When it is time to perform stage fright sets in for miss Ella. Ashlyn is ready to take it all on and she is so excited about everything. Ella, on the other hand, comes running around to the front of the stage bawling and wants me to come out on stage with her while she performs. I get her to clam down (I did have to bribe her with getting a treat afterwards....shame on me!) and lead her out to her spot on stage when it is time. And, hurray for Ella, she makes it through the dance! She didn't look all to happy about it, but she did it! We are so proud of them for getting up there and clogging away. I am grateful that they had this experience and that they were both proud of themselves.


Dragon said...

I can totally relate! I'm proud of her for going ahead and doing it. It seems like the hardest part is getting started.

Dragon said...

It's great that they want to do things like this. Ashlyn is amazing with her ability to get out in front of people and perform. I still have a difficult time with that and would much rather NOT be in the spot light. I remember another little girl that was always out in front performing... whether as a reindeer or Siamese cat or herself.

Colorado Kid said...

That sweetheart! I'm proud of her, too, and Ashlyn!